Why Hire A Real Estate Attorney?

Though using a real estate attorney’s services could add quite a few thousand dollars to your overall real estate transaction cost, it is money well-spent. If you’re not sure how a real estate lawyer can help closing a real estate deal and take care of all the pitfalls that could cost too much money, keep reading.


Most people are capable of negotiating with another party face-to-face. But the deal’s terms should be memorialized properly in an agreement for the terms to be binding legally. Within the real estate law domain, an attorney not just negotiates keeping your interests in mind, but also ensures the contract conforms to state laws and also addresses particular issues that could impact future property usage.

Confronting Liens

Title search is another important service that lawyers perform. A title search is completed through or by attorneys, and the objective is to ensure the property in question is sans encumbrances, such as judgments or liens. The title search’s outcome is crucial since it opens up on whether the seller can legally sell the particular property. A lawyer would be able to offer such a service fairly quickly, and with less cost since real estate lawyers are connected with title search firms on the professional front.

Property Transfers

If a party or more are trusts, partnerships or corporations, preparing the contract and the following negotiations could be complex. A lawyer understands various kinds of business arrangements and the legal borders within the laws of your state. The lawyer would make sure the contract and the law fall on the same tangent and also see to it that the deal’s terms do not violate the charter agreements of the partnership, corporation or trust.


Often, real estate contracts should be duly filed at the state and county level. As a regular citizen, you would find clearing all these legal hoops a bit too complex. A lawyer, on the other hand, can get this done efficiently and quickly. Moreover, if the transaction entails property where particular kinds of construction aren’t allowed, a lawyer would be able to move past all the state regulation maze so that you can finish the transaction.